Gateway to the West

And so it has begun. As Beck puts it, “I’m still a little jumpy and unsettled.” We have gone on trips this long before. We’ve gone to Nashville for a weekend and comeback. We’ve gone to Birmingham or the beach for a few days or a week. We have never been away from home for any longer than two weeks or less. It is really gonna settle in when we’re about two-three weeks in. We started the trip in St. Louis, and it turned out to be very fitting. We went up in the Arch and it was pretty awesome. Did you know that it is the tallest monument in the United States at 630 feet? Well now you do. We took lots of pictures and had a good time in the opening adventure of our journey. I’m looking forward to passing through the gate and continuing to move West. Through the Gateway.




The trip began with a 10 hour drive to St. Louis and the crossing of the Mississippi and like many others the sight of the Gateway Arch.

Day one consisted of checking in to our hotel, the Drury Inn and Suites, as well as a stop to eat at Imo’s pizza for dinner.

On the second day in St. Louis we visited the Arch. Once inside, Mom went to get the tickets while Dad, Griffin, and I visited a part of the museum about the Louisiana purchase and what went on in Missouri and the West. The misery that the Native Americans endured because of the white men saddens me. For the promises we made, none were kept. In the quote on the left Tecumseh was talking about the Louisiana purchase, and truthfully saying land cannot be bought nor the air, or water, for it is for all. The Arch tram cars were quite a ride. Like a very very steep Ferris wheel, that rose 630 feet off the ground. And at the top, you are able to look out of a series of windows. And then the much quicker ride down. It was a great experience overall.



Gateway to the West-St. Louis, what an appropriate first stop for our journey. We are all excited about the experience we are beginning.

St. Louis- The Arch, Forest Park-Art Museum, sushi, Ted Drewes forzen custard. In addition, Angie was interviewed by a reporter from the Missourian Newspaper about living kidney donation and kidney health.

Until next time-Scott


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