Meandering through Montana

Cody, WY & Yellowstone treated us well but it was time to move on so we traded in the cattle and bison of Wyoming for horses in Montana.

During our Montana journey we drove through Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest. It was wild to see the mountains there. They looked like pebble stacks with evergreens dispersed throughout.


Our stay in Montana was blessed by incredible weather. Sunshine, low 70’s and nice breezes spoiled us rotten. Scott says that Montana is “beautiful landscapes, casinos, expresso & Subarus.” It’s true – it seems there is a casino and/or coffeehouse around every corner in the small towns and that a Subaru drives past every other car.

We stayed our first night in Bozeman. It was a fun, college town. The original plan did not include a sleepover in Bozeman and it felt “free and adventurous” to be able to make a change in plans at the spur of the moment. We ate some good food at the Montana Ale Works. We found a few brothers to give “blessings bags” and a granola-like town with free-spirited people.

The next day we were off to Butte. All we really want to say about Butte is that we ate at a goodrestaurant called The Copper Creperie and found more recipients for “blessings bags.”

OUR FAVORITE MONTANA EXPERIENCE WAS MISSOULA! We all agreed that it is the most well-rounded city we’ve visited thus far. It is a very cool town and home to the University of Montana Grizzlies. We visited the college and the boys bought sports attire. It is so funny that the opening 2011 football game for the Tennessee Vols is against the University of Montana. We hope Knoxville will show the same hospitality to the visiting Montana fans as we were shown in their hometown.

We visited the stadium and hiked their mountain called the “M.” It has a 620 foot incline and 13 switchbacks. WOW!


We came upon a charity called “Real Change not Spare Change.” I know I have seen it somewhere else- or at least the same concept. They discourage you from giving money to the homeless and to donate to the organization instead. The organization is focused on helping the homeless to transition into housing and a healthier, more stable life. We were lucky because while we were in town there was a campaign going where a local private family fund will match every dollar given to the organization 10 to 1. That is amazing. So we made a donation and are thrilled that its value will be multiplied by ten!!!!!

We really lived a nice pace in Montana. We have begun a fierce, ongoing family Rummy tournament. The boys have been cute coaching each other through what purchases they should or shouldn’t make out of their own money. We have slept well, napped, exercised and caught up on reading.

Thanks for your support. Know that we miss and love you!