Red Rocks and Double Rainbows

Sedona was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I loved, loved, loved it there!! As soon as we began to descend into the area we were struck and inspired by the landscape.

We were originally scheduled to be there for three nights. My spirit kept stirring me to add more to our stay. So, with gratitude for flexibility, we added a fourth night. There are so many highlights from our time there.

We rented an ATV and drove off road for four hours. The boys (all three of them) especially loved this adventure. It was steep, rocky, dusty and spectacular.  Check out that helmet cam I am wearing!

During the off road adventure we all enjoyed visiting the Honanki ruins. Look closely- you can see some of the original petroglyphs.

We also visited the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. The hike was hot and steep but well worth it. We had another chance to embrace a spiritual experience different from our usual routine. The Cathedral was built by a Hungarian woman in tribute to her parents. It smelled of burning candles and incense. Its pews were filled with locals, visiting Americans and foreign tourists. Its beauty was in the wrought iron metal work, red rock views and simplicity.

Scott and I each had a massage with our new friend Michelle. She was talented and her touch was healing. Once again I have made a vow to myself to get quarterly massages because I believe so strongly in their power to nurture the body, mind and soul! Let’s hope I can keep that vow this time.

There was a light rain falling as we returned to our room. After the rain we were greeted with the most vibrant, electrifying double rainbow. The intensity of the colors and the fact that not one-but two arches -framed the red rocks before us was MORE THAN MOVING! God’s creation amazes daily.

Beck met some new friends that offered him a chance to paint with them. So one morning he sat down with them and created the scene below. He really does have an artist within and we are blessed to be able to “see it” come to life! Check out his masterpiece.

We were blessed by many delicious meals. I am celebrating that Beck has become a salad eater on this trip! Both boys are healthy eaters for the most part but until now I have been unable to get them to try salad. Beck is now hooked and I couldn’t be happier. Griffin has also been watching his red meat intake and staying committed to “boot camp” exercises. Way to go, Griffin & Beck.

While in Sedona The Green Lantern (our 2000 Honda Odyssey van) turned 200,000 miles. Go, Green Lantern, go!

Some thoughts from the family;

“Beautiful vistas, quality family time, vibrant community and interesting energy.” Scott

“Sedona was yet another wonderful stop along our path with bumpy off roading, double rainbows and a great time to relax and regain our strength.” Griffin

“Again, along our journey,majestic, amazing, beautiful creations of God.” Beck

We also visited the Crescent Moon Ranch. There we were greeted by Buddha Beach and a creek that captivated Griffin and Beck for hours. One of the nearby rock formations looked like a peace sign to us. Maybe that’s the Sedona way- you begin to see beauty, peace and energy all around you and in everything. Live hozho!