Beach and Birmingham Therapy

We know that we have been incredibly blessed by this trip. We are focused on gratitude and the abundance of it all. That being said – we are struggling with the end drawing near.

We said good-bye to New Orleans and headed for the Gulf Coast of Florida. Just a week ago we weren’t sure if Tropical Storm Lee would deter us from putting our feet in the white sands of the Gulf. Sunshine, pleasant temps, delicious seafood, sunsets over the water and never ceasing waves won out …….. and we give thanks!



The water was perfect – no jellyfish and no seaweed. We all enjoyed the mesmerizing ebb and flow of the Gulf and constant breezes. Griffin and Beck had so much fun waging a war with the waves on a tiny raft. It was nice to begin to close out the trip with such inspirational beach scenery.


We were celebrating a big birthday for my dad and six months of health following the kidney transplant.

My brother Mike was supposed to join us at the beach. He just relocated to West Palm Beach with a new job in solar and wind energy so he couldn’t make it. He was very missed but we toasted him, his new job and his great health!


After leaving the beach we headed to Birmingham. The birthday celebration continued with another festive night out and scrumptious meal. We also spent time relaxing and visiting with old and very treasured friends.


I was very lucky to be granted a meeting with the Alabama Kidney Foundation. They are writing a feature article that will highlight our transplant journey and kidney health. It will be published in their December newsletter. The other exciting news is that they have also invited me to partner with them and present a session during their upcoming November conference. I have so much passion for this cause and want to educate and inspire others!

The time finally came to pack up and with little breathing room we turned The Green Lantern toward Knoxville, Tennessee!